Week 5 Post

This week my Grammar Girl choice was “Alright vs. all right.” I thought this was very interesting because it shows how technology is influencing language. It said that all right is the correct usage, but alright was created to be used as shorthand when it was used through telegrams and now is gaining popularity from sites that restrict word usage, like Twitter. I thought this was very neat.

As usual, Anderson does not disappoint. I thought his ideas for an apostrophe chart to help show students possessive usage was awesome. I think that many kids are never really taught the it’s/its idea in depth, and because of that I know a lot of college students who have a hard time distinguishing. I think this book helps point out errors I did not realize students would have too many problems with. With some of the examples he gives, I find myself thinking, “well, isn’t that obvious?” but it’s not. And I think that is very important.

For the Orwell Verb sheet I earned a 19/25. I think a lot of my mistakes were for auxiliary verbs, I have never been very good with verbs, but as I was researching the verbs I found a site called chompchomp.com and it explained them very clearly and concisely with a ton of example. Because of that site it did way better than I think I would have.

I think the video dealing with the different dialects of color were very interesting, but not surprising. I see this in my everyday life. I think it is something we, as a society, really need to work on.